Building a true agile insights engine means distilling fast, iterative research into actionable nuggets of wisdom that can be used throughout the business to make strategic decisions. And yet, few researchers know how to navigate the path to true agile transformation.

But that's why we've created this guide. Think of it as a treasure map. Or a compass. Or both? The point is, this guide is meant to lead you to the promised land of true agile transformation.

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Develop a clear business case for change that will win over your stakeholders
  • Define a North Star that will guide your way throughout your journey
  • Take the wheel and become a champion of change
  • Avoid choppy waters altogether or pivot when the tides change
  • Evaluate and build partnerships with suppliers that will support you on your journey

So, what do you say, captain? Shall we raise the anchor?