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We’ve been remote-first from the very start.
Our teammates work from all over the world.

Salary and Benefits

Flexible PTO

Whether you’re planning a trip or just need a mental break, aytm provides self-managed PTO. We trust you to take the time you need.

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Affordable Insurance

$0 deductible Health plans plus dental, vision and more! Generous company contributions allow paid coverage for you & your dependents.

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Dependent Care

Dependent Care FSA – a pre-tax benefit account that you can fund (up to $5000/yr), to be used to pay for eligible dependent care services

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Career Advancement

Enhance your skills for the benefit of both you and the company. Receive reimbursement for pre-approved webinars, training, certifications, professional association memberships, and more.

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Our Core Values

We’re not your average technology company. Real people drive our success, and these five core values help us stay grounded.

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Abundance Mindset

We encourage you to be generous with your time, love and energy. Invest in the success of others. Trust yourself and your teammates.

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Look at things from the perspective of others. Augment and evolve your views. Create a safe, caring, friendly space that supports and celebrates everyone. Craft the best possible experience for anyone on the receiving end of your work.

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Solve problems with design thinking, curiosity and care. Discover original ideas, iterate, test and nurture them, see the results of your work come to fruition.

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Challenge the status quo. Speak up. And don’t be afraid to ask questions

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Organic Growth

Keep learning, exploring and expanding your comfort zone both personally and professionally. As a team—keep changing, experimenting and giving more love and attention to the new things that work for us.


Aytm has built an amazing, family-oriented culture and maintains it within an entirely remote work environment. Our C-level Executives provide strong and supportive leadership that fosters individual growth for every employee. The company provides great compensation and benefits; we are truly rewarded for hard work! I am grateful and lucky to be apart of a company like aytm!!

A superior product, supported by talented, smart, and supportive teams of individuals! Flexible work environment, remote from home, but never feel disconnected. Great Benefits! Friendly, fun, diverse, and happy group of people doing their best work to make our clients happy! Our Clients love us!

The team at aytm acts and treats each other with empathy and respect. We are basically one big rapidly growing family. The flexibility to work from home or remote locations makes work/life balance an added bonus. Leadership is very transparent and takes the time to get to know employees and engage in different areas of the business.

You can't beat the culture here - understanding, accepting, female-friendly, lgbtq+ friendly, intelligent, driven, and lots of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally! The hours are flexible when needed. If you have feedback, your voice is heard.

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