COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on US Consumers

The COVID-19 global pandemic is changing the US consumer landscape. To understand these changes and how they affect our clients, aytm is conducting a weekly tracking study, which focuses on consumer attitudes and perceptions of the virus, its impact on their daily lives, changes in purchase and consumption behavior, and their outlook on the future.

Weekly Tracking Study Results

The twenty-second and twenty-third combined waves of aytm’s COVID-19 Consumer Tracker were fielded Thursday, January 28, 2021 – Saturday, January 30, 2021, using aytm’s survey platform and proprietary panel PaidViewpoint.

Wave over Wave Trends found in the report include:

  •   COVID-19 Awareness, Concern

  •   Perceived Severity

  •   Anticipated Change in Next 30 Days

  •   Employment and Financial Impact

  •   Estimated “Back to Normal” Timeline

Key findings:

  • Americans’ anxiety related to Covid-19 remains stable (and elevated) through the close of 2020 and into the start of the new year, although optimism about the months ahead grows to its highest point since early summer.

  • The average expected time until Americans expect their lives to return to normal continues to climb and reaches its highest point yet – nearly 14 months. Yet, a hope for better financial times in the long-run remains. And more Americans - 60% - intend to get a vaccine when possible (among those who haven’t done so already).

  • Newly added to the tracker in recent waves, participants are now asked about their own personal experience with the disease. Nearly one in ten have had the disease themselves, and 15 percent live with someone who has contracted it.



For detailed results, check out the report.

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