COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on US Consumers

The COVID-19 global pandemic is changing the US consumer landscape. To understand these changes and how they affect our clients, aytm is conducting a weekly tracking study, which focuses on consumer attitudes and perceptions of the virus, its impact on their daily lives, changes in purchase and consumption behavior, and their outlook on the future.

Weekly Tracking Study Results

The twenty-fourth report was fielded Thursday, March 4 – Friday, March 5, 2021, using aytm’s survey platform and proprietary panel PaidViewpoint.

Wave over Wave Trends found in the report include:

  •   COVID-19 Awareness, Concern

  •   Perceived Severity

  •   Anticipated Change in Next 30 Days

  •   Employment and Financial Impact

  •   Estimated “Back to Normal” Timeline

Key findings:

  • Impacts on daily life remain consistent and prevalent. One in ten Americans continues to face job loss due to Covid-19 and many more are still coping with reduced wages or earnings. Around three-quarters of Americans report a severe or moderate impact to their daily loves, although the number expecting these impacts to continue through the next 30 days falls to 60 percent.

  • From a 30-day outlook perspective, Americans grow sharply more optimistic. Many more Americans are expecting improvements in their local communities, across the country, and globally throughout the next few weeks.

  • Intent to get a vaccine is high among 60 percent of those not currently vaccinated, and, similarly, six in 10 Americans are likely to encourage others to get vaccinated as well.


For detailed results, check out the report.

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